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About Us

FUEL LEGENDS is more than just a small company.
It is the self expression of two men who are fuelled with their passion for motorsport racing and per- fection in clothes.
Nothing on the market covering this aspiration – this was the starting point for the birth of FUEL LEGENDS® 

In 2013 a motorsport insane car&fuel fanatic and a 40 year experienced german jacket pattern maker teamed up, to create something worth while. They dreamed of the ultimate driver`s jacket. The always searched for a jacket, you rather would never not take off. So, from the initial FUEL LEGENDS jacket concept to final manufacturing, every design and pattern step and each small detail is strigthly weighed. We have been studying, analysing and construing the way, how legends are born and raised out of the every day track hereos. What made them capable to even go this one step ahead? 

And we found out: It is as simple as it could be: 

Always take only the best of the best. The ingenious motor engineer, the nearly wired and out of the frame thinking constructor, the absolute fearless&coldblooded driver, the lightest but also most stable materials ever possible and then, then you combine all the parts to a perfect ONE…. then, yes then are you on the way to have a chance to create a legend!

Now, you have the chance to be in the pole position. There was never a more limited world edition on the market, than it is now. No more than 150 pieces of each colorway are available. And now colorway will be reissued ever again. So now it is a legendary point in time to feel like a FUEL LEGEND!